Sveltus Camouflage Sandbag - 25 Kg

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The Sveltus Camouflage Sandbag, weighing 25 kg, is a rugged fitness accessory built to withstand heavy-duty use, especially in CrossFit gyms. With its versatile design and numerous handles, this sandbag offers an excellent platform for functional movements and a comprehensive muscle workout. Here are the key details about this high-strength sandbag:

Heavy-Duty Construction: The Sveltus Camouflage Sandbag is constructed to endure rigorous workouts and heavy use. It's a dependable tool designed for the demanding environment of CrossFit gyms and other intense fitness settings.

Multiple Handles: This sandbag is equipped with nine foam-padded handles, strategically placed to facilitate a wide range of functional movements. The handles are reinforced at the seams for enhanced durability, ensuring they can handle the load without wear and tear.

Functional Movements: The sandbag is ideal for performing functional movements, which are integral to many modern fitness routines. These movements engage multiple muscle groups and help improve strength, stability, and coordination.

Weight Range: The sandbag offers a complete weight range, starting from 10 kg and going up to 30 kg. This versatility allows users of various fitness levels to tailor their workouts according to their strength and endurance.

Dimensions: It measures approximately 57.00 cm in length and has a diameter of about 23.00 cm. These dimensions provide a balanced size that is manageable for various exercises while still offering a challenging resistance.

Camouflage Design: The sandbag boasts a stylish camouflage pattern, adding a touch of ruggedness to your fitness equipment collection.

Composition: Its construction consists of a PVC cover filled with fabric and iron sand. This combination of materials ensures both durability and pliability, making it suitable for various exercises and movements.

The Sveltus Camouflage Sandbag, weighing 25 kg, is a valuable addition to any fitness regimen that requires functional and strength training. Whether you're performing squats, lunges, carries, or throws, this sandbag's versatility and durability will help you achieve your fitness goals while adding an element of excitement to your workouts

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