Nox 2023 ML10 Shotgun Luxury Padel Racket

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The ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUN 2023 is a padel racket designed specifically for aggressive players who rely on pressing, fast volleys, topspin, and shots down the wall. It offers a comfortable feel, excellent ball output, and is equipped with advanced features to enhance your game.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Shape: Diamond

  • Thickness: 38mm

  • Weight: 360-375 grams

  • Nucleus: HR3 Core

  • Framework: 100% carbon

  • Expensive: 12K carbon

  • Control: 9.5/10

  • Power: 9.5/10


  • Denser HR3 Rubber Core: The racket's core is equipped with rubber that is even denser than the HR3, enabling a faster recovery of the racket's state after striking the ball. This enhances power output.

  • Carbon Frame: The use of carbon in the frame construction provides greater rigidity and durability to the racket, ensuring optimal performance during aggressive play.

  • Enhanced Blade Construction: By using a greater amount of material from the frame up to four centimeters inside the racket face, the difference in toughness between the frame and face is minimized. This reduces the risk of fiber cutting when hitting the ball with the outer parts of the racket.

  • 12K Carbon Fiber Weave: The racket features a 12K carbon fiber weave, which interlaces the fiber yarns to form small squares. The use of a higher grammage 12K fiber enhances the racket's durability, ensuring longevity.

  • Rough Surface: The top layer of the racket face incorporates a rough surface, achieved through pre-molded plastic or a bath in low-grammage silica sand. This roughness facilitates more effective shots, allowing for increased spin and control.

The ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUN 2023 padel racket is specifically designed to meet the needs of aggressive players who rely on pressing, fast volleys, topspin, and shots down the wall. With its advanced features such as the Smartstrap® replaceable safety cord system, AVS lateral anti-vibration system, and rough-finished faces, this racket offers enhanced performance, durability, and spin potential.

Elevate your game with the ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUN 2023 and unleash your full potential on the padel court.

Nox, the renowned Spanish padel brand, is globally recognized for its exceptional quality and ability to cater to players of all levels. With a strong focus on playability and maneuverability, Nox offers unparalleled sensations on the court, earning the trust and satisfaction of padel players worldwide.

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