Nox 2023 Equation Lady WPT Advanced Padel Racket


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Sale price63.500 KD


Fantastic racket with a very good balance, due to its shape, and a vibration absorption system to protect players from injury. The EQUATION LADY WPT Advanced Series has an excellent feel.

Its rough surface also gives it maximum spin. For players looking for comfort and precision in their shots, the EQUATION LADY WPT Advanced Series will be made for you.


  • Shape: Round

  • Intermediate level

  • Weight: 350-365g

  • Width: 38mm

  • Frame: 50% fiberglass / 50% carbon

  • Foam: HR3 CORE

  • Surface coating: fiberglass


Foam/core composition

HR3 CORE technology brings very good density to the EVA rubber as well as shape memory quality. WITH HR3 CORE technology, the EQUATION LADY WPT Advanced Series racquet is equipped with optimal power as well as very good durability.

Surface coating

The EQUATION LADY WPT Advanced Series has a fiberglass coating. Fiberglass brings flexibility as well as superior power to carbon fiber.

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