Nox 2023 AT10 Genius 12K Padel Racket


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Developed along with Agustin Tapia here is the new AT10 Luxury Genius Arena 2023. Sharing with its predecessor the 12K Carbon faces and the classic NOX HR3 rubber all in a new deep green cosmetic. It includes the new Smartstrap® replaceable safety cord system, now evolved into a compact piece for greater durability and safety. More hygienic, safer and more customizable.


Shape: Tear
Width: 38 mm
Weight: 360-375 grams
Core: HR3
Frame: 100% carbon
Face: Fiber Carbon 12K
Control: 10/10
Power: 9/10 



  • Rough Surface - Raquette with rough surfaces for maximum effect in strokes.

  • HR3 Core - High-density foam with fast memory effect that brings a noticeable power gain.

  • Carbon frame - Using a carbon frame gives the racket a better robustness for superior durability.

  • Oversize Grip - Long Channel for better grip 

  • AVS - Absorbs some of the vibrations. Allows to spare his elbow in particular.


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