Matrix Magnum Glute Trainer

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Glute training is more popular than ever, and you can make your fitness facility stand out by offering a better way to tone muscles and build power while improving hip and core stability. Our smart biomechanics mimic bar hip thrusting without the difficulty and discomfort of using free weights, and a walk-through design makes it easy for anyone to get started. Refined ergonomic details accommodate users of all sizes and ability levels comfortably, while high maximum resistance and elastic band hooks provide options to challenge even elite athletes. Like everything from the Magnum Series, our glute trainer’s welded design and professional-quality components are engineered and tested to stand up to heavy use in the toughest environments.

Engineering a Smarter, More Stable Take on Glute Training

Find out how we re-examined the process of building and toning glutes and hamstrings and developed a smarter, more stable take on high-intensity glute training.

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