Matrix G1 Barbell Rack

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The Matrix Barbell Rack is a practical storage solution for barbells, designed to hold up to 10 barbells with five on each side. Here are the key features and technical specifications:

Key Features:

  • Ample Storage: This rack provides convenient and organized storage for up to 10 barbells, helping keep your gym or fitness space tidy and accessible.

  • Upright Design: The rack's upright design ensures easy access to the barbells, allowing users to retrieve or return them with ease.

Tech Specs:

  • Frame Finish: The rack is constructed with a proprietary two-coat powder process that enhances its durability and appearance.

  • Frame Color: It comes in a sleek Polarized Titanium color, adding a modern touch to your gym decor.

  • Overall Dimensions: The rack's overall dimensions are 39 inches in length (L) x 33 inches in width (W) x 59 inches in height (H), providing a compact and space-saving storage solution.

  • Total Weight: The rack itself has a total weight of 121 pounds (approximately 55 kilograms), ensuring stability and sturdiness when loaded with barbells.

The Matrix Barbell Rack is an excellent addition to any gym, offering a practical and organized way to store barbells, making them readily available for your fitness enthusiasts. Its durable construction and sleek design complement any fitness environment.

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