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The Lebert SRT™ Spring Resistance Training Barbell is a versatile and innovative fitness tool that incorporates spring technology to enhance weight training exercises. Here are the features and components of the Lebert SRT Barbell:

  1. Spring Technology: The SRT Barbell utilizes innovative spring technology, which adds another plane of movement to traditional exercises like the bicep curl. By incorporating spring resistance, it activates additional muscles in the chest and deltoids, providing a more comprehensive workout experience.

  2. Sliding Hand Grips: The barbell is designed with two sliding hand grips on either side. Users can "SPRING IN" and "SPRING OUT" using these grips, which creates more resistance and engages more muscles with each repetition.

  3. Weight Plates: The SRT Barbell comes with 2 x 2.26 kg (5 lb) weight plates, providing a total weight of approximately 8 kg. These weight plates can be added or removed as needed to adjust the resistance level.

  4. Versatility: The SRT Barbell is suitable for various fitness environments, including personal training sessions, gyms, and home workouts. Its versatility allows users to incorporate it into their existing training routines.

  5. Instructional DVD: The package includes an instructional DVD that provides guidance on how to use the SRT Barbell effectively and maximize its benefits.

  6. Springs: The SRT Barbell comes with two sets of springs. The green springs offer light resistance, while the grey springs provide heavy resistance. Users can interchange these springs based on their desired level of challenge and progression.

  7. Jaw Lock Collars: The package includes four jaw lock collars that securely fasten the weight plates to the barbell, ensuring stability during exercises.

The Lebert SRT Spring Resistance Training Barbell offers a unique and effective way to enhance weight training workouts. With its spring technology, sliding hand grips, and adjustable resistance, it allows users to target additional muscle groups and customize their training experience. Whether used by personal trainers, in gym settings, or at home, the SRT Barbell provides a versatile and challenging workout option.

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