Bullpadel Hack 03 23 Padel Racket

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The Bullpadel Hack 03 racket is specifically designed for professional or advanced players seeking maximum power without compromising control. With its diamond-shaped design, this racket offers exceptional performance on the padel court.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: Approximately 365-375 grams
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: High
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Exterior: Tricarbon
  • Interior: Multieva
  • Protector: Aluminum CW
  • Player: Expert adult
  • Power/Control: 100/90

The Hack 03 racket's diamond shape allows players to generate significant power in their shots, making it ideal for offensive play. Despite its emphasis on power, the racket still maintains a high level of control, ensuring precision and accuracy in every shot. The Tricarbon exterior and Multieva interior contribute to the racket's durability, while the Aluminum CW protector provides added reinforcement.

Designed for expert adult players, the Hack 03 racket is a high-performance choice that delivers a perfect balance of power and control on the padel court.

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