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The Bhoga Bars Wall System - an innovative solution for precision alignment and balanced traction during your yoga, Pilates, resistance training, functional/personal fitness training, physical therapy, or any health regimen.

With the Bhoga Bars Wall System, you have virtually limitless options to complement your practice and enhance your overall fitness journey.

Key Features:

  1. Removable Bars: The Bhoga bars can be easily detached from the wall, allowing for versatile use both on and off the wall.

  2. Adjustable Placement: The bars can be placed in any or all of the 16 pairs of notches, offering flexibility and adaptability to your specific needs.

  3. Secure Locking System: The magnetized locking keys ensure a secure fit of the Bhoga bars in the notches, providing stability and safety during your workouts.

  4. Visual and Tactile Alignment: The Bhoga Bars Wall System features alignment guideposts every 5 inches, serving as visual and tactile cues for precise alignment and form.

  5. Enhanced Grip and Resistance: The guideposts on the Bhoga bar grips, notches on the Bhoga wall frames, and locking keys collectively offer points of resistance and rebound, ergonomically enhancing directional force and improving your overall workout experience.

  6. Versatile Attachment Points: The system allows you to attach ropes, straps, bands, cushions, and more, enabling endless combinations and variations in your exercise routines.

  7. Powerful, Simple, and Fun: The Bhoga Bars Wall System is designed to be powerful in its capabilities, yet simple and intuitive to use. It adds an element of enjoyment and excitement to your fitness regimen.

Experience the precision alignment, balanced traction, and creative possibilities of the Bhoga Bars Wall System - a powerful, versatile, and fun tool for achieving your fitness goals.

Bhoga Wall Guide


  • Bhoga walls and Bhoga bars are made from sustainable and renewable rubber tree hardwood.
  • 86″ (h) x 28 3/4″ (w) x 7 7/8″ (d)
  • Each Bhoga bar comes with a pair of magnetized locking keys
  • Comes with one 6″ diameter, 18″ long white styrofoam roller
  • Use a licensed contractor to assemble and install the Bhoga Wall System
  • Bhoga Walls are designed to be fastened to the centers of un-compromised wooden studs
  • 5 x 31" bars and 2 x 50 inch bars

* Price includes delivery and installation.

* Yoga block, Yoga cushion, Yoga mat and Yoga strap not included. 

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