1441 Fitness Battling Rope - 9 Meters

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The Black Battling/Fitness Rope is made through a special double-braiding process that creates an soft and extremely strong rope. They are built to withstand rigorous use and will last for years to come. They are very comfortable to hold onto and will not shed, making them ideal to use indoors or outdoors. They have an excellent strength ratio and are heavy ropes to use. They also have a high abrasion resistance and due to them being double-braided, they won't stretch like some 3-strand nylon or poly ropes. Like all our battling/fitness ropes, they come standard with heavy-duty vinyl handles on both ends.
  •  Will allow you to challenge all of your body's systems - cardiovascular, nervous and more
  • Offers a highly interactive and fun training alternative to traditional weight lifting and cardiovascular work
  • High quality material
  • Long durability

The Benefits of Using Fitness Ropes

Battling/Fitness Ropes are an excellent tool to improve your overall fitness and are growing rapidly in popularity for great reasons. They are a lot of fun to use and will provide you with one of the best overall workouts available. You will see amazing results in muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning. It is not very often you will find a tool versatile enough to address all these areas at once. Benefits include:

  • Great for strength, power and endurance.
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
  • Develop a better grip strength.
  • Provides a incredible full body workout, including great trunk conditioning.
  • Alternative cardiovascular training that is low-impact yet high-intensity.
  • Simple to immediately adjust workout intensity for individual needs, without having to adjust equipment.
  • Ultilzes natural movements with a high functional carryover.
  • Safe and fun for all ages - will make you feel like a kid again!

 How Do You Use Fitness Ropes?

Fitness Ropes are an intense workout , but they are easy to learn or use. The most common exercises people use are making waves and slams, when you are using total body flexion and extension as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance. Waves can be varied in nearly infinite combinations of a wide range of elements:

  • Grappler Toss moves, where you are creating internal & external rotary movements.
  • Up-and-Down Waves, Alternative/Reciprocating, Criss-Cross movements.
  • Adjusting your reps & durations, with high intensity interval training being particularly effective with ropes.
  • Incorporating Squats & Lunges, including forward, reverse & lateral movements as well as adding in lower body plyometric movements like jumping squats, lunges & lateral hopping movements.
  • Even changing the grip to where the end of the rope is facing up is a great variation with an added challenge.
  • Train solo & with a partner, you can have another training partner "call out" movements to keep the exercise unpredictable & fresh, increasing your reaction time.
  •  Vary your training position, from standing & kneeling to sitting on a stability ball, or even laying face down doing single arm waves.

The Fitness Rope can also be used for more than undulating. You can use it for more traditional strength exercises like rows & pull-ups by throwing it over a firm anchor & using it to pull yourself up. This poses an excellent grip challenge which will improve both grip and pulling/rowing strength.

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