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The Babolat Storm padel racquet is designed to make your experience in the sport more enjoyable and accessible. It is a versatile racquet suitable for players who have already played a few times and are looking to purchase their first padel racquet.


  • Head Shape: Teardrop - The teardrop shape offers a balance of power and control, allowing you to hit powerful shots while maintaining precision.

  • Composition: The racquet is composed of carbon and fiberglass in the frame, providing a combination of sturdiness, lightweight performance, and flexibility. The fiberglass surface further enhances the racquet's durability.

  • Core: The racquet features an EVA core, which provides a good balance of power and control for your shots.

  • Weight: The racquet weighs approximately 345 grams, offering a manageable weight for players to handle on the court.

  • Thickness: With a thickness of 38mm, the racquet provides a solid feel and stability during your shots.

  • Balance Type: The Storm has a head-light balance, which means the weight distribution is slightly towards the handle. This balance enhances maneuverability and allows for quick reactions during play.

  • Recommended Grip: The Syntec Uptake grip is suggested for this racquet, providing a comfortable and secure hold.

  • Type of Cover: The racquet does not come with a cover included.


HYBRID FRAME: The Babolat Storm features a hybrid frame construction, combining the benefits of carbon and fiberglass. This design offers a balance between sturdiness and lightweight performance. The carbon provides strength and stability, while the fiberglass enhances flexibility, giving you a versatile racquet for different playing styles and situations.

The Babolat Storm is designed to make your transition into the sport of padel easier and more enjoyable. With its versatile features and construction, it offers a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability. Have fun on the court with the Babolat Storm padel racquet!

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