Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

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Size: G2
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The Pure Drive racquet is renowned for its explosive acceleration, spin-friendly targeting, and all-court mobility, making it a formidable weapon from the baseline. Whether you're hitting winners on the run or charging into the front court, this racquet offers impressive power and maneuverability. The latest update includes incremental tweaks to enhance the overall feel, making it an excellent choice for players who value quick handling on the court. The Pure Drive remains one of the top options for those seeking a lightweight and explosive player's racquet.


  • Head Size: The racquet features a head size of 645 cm², providing a generous sweet spot for consistent power and spin potential.

  • Length: With a length of 685 mm, the racquet adheres to standard specifications for adult tennis racquets.

  • Weight (unstrung): The Pure Drive weighs 300 g (+/- 7g) when unstrung, offering a balance between maneuverability and stability.

  • Balance (unstrung): The racquet has a balance point of 320 mm (+/- 7mm), providing a slightly head-light feel for enhanced maneuverability.

  • Swing Weight: The swing weight of 290 contributes to the racquet's explosive acceleration and allows players to generate racquet head speed.

  • Stringing Pattern: The Pure Drive features a 16/19 stringing pattern, which facilitates spin production and control.

  • Stiffness (RA): With a stiffness rating of 72 on the RA scale, the racquet offers a solid and responsive feel during play.

  • Section: The racquet's section has a thickness of 23-26-23, contributing to its overall rigidity and power potential.

  • Composition: Constructed with graphite, the Pure Drive combines lightweight properties with durability to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Recommended String and Tension: Babolat recommends using RPM Power or Xcel strings with a tension range of 23-27 kg to optimize the racquet's performance in terms of power, control, and comfort.

  • Recommended Grip: The Syntec Pro grip is recommended to provide optimal comfort and grip during play.

  • Already Strung: The racquet comes pre-strung, saving players the time and effort of stringing it themselves.

  • No Cover: The Pure Drive does not include a cover, so players may consider purchasing a separate cover for protection.


  • HTR SYSTEM: The High Torsional Rigidity (HTR) system incorporates a new lay-up composition in the racquet's hoop to increase rigidity and generate explosive winners.

  • SWX PURE FEEL: This technology extends the wrapping of SMAC technology, a vibration filtration system integrated into the racquet's lay-up composition. It provides an unparalleled feel upon ball impact and produces a unique sound with every shot.

  • ELLIPTIC FRAME: The elliptical frame structure offers optimal resistance and overall rigidity, enhancing the racquet's power potential.

In summary, the Pure Drive racquet is a lightweight and explosive choice, delivering exceptional acceleration, spin-friendly targeting, and all-court mobility. Its technical characteristics, including the head size, weight, balance, and stringing pattern, contribute to its performance on the court. The additional features, such as the HTR system, SWX Pure Feel, and elliptic frame, enhance the racquet's power, feel, and rigidity. Overall, the Pure Drive is an excellent option for players seeking a dynamic and responsive player's racquet.

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