Babolat Movea Men Padel Shoes

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Size: 41
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The Babolat Movea padel shoe is specifically designed for players who need extra durability, stability, and comfort on the court, especially when going after balls outside the court or defending with tricky angles. This shoe incorporates several features to enhance performance and protect your feet.


  • Power Straps Technology: This technology includes integrated dual side straps that provide unparalleled stability during all positions and movements on the padel court. The straps help keep your feet secure and supported, allowing you to make quick and agile movements.

  • KPRS-X System: The Movea shoe is equipped with the KPRS-X system, developed by Babolat, which protects your heels from impact and enhances cushioning. This feature helps to minimize the strain and impact on your heels, providing additional comfort during intense padel matches.

  • EVA Rubber: The shoe incorporates EVA rubber, which adds an extra layer of protection to your heels, absorbing shocks and impacts that occur while playing padel. This feature enhances overall cushioning and reduces the risk of heel discomfort or injuries.

  • Michelin Outsole: Babolat has collaborated with Michelin to create the outsole for the Movea shoe. The sole features a flexible design and a pattern that offers maximum grip on the padel court. The small studs on the sole adapt well to different court surfaces, including grass and sand. The two grooves in the forefoot ensure flexibility, while the thickness of the sole in the most exposed area increases durability.

  • Midfoot Support: The Movea shoe provides excellent midfoot support with its two solid straps. These straps help stabilize the midfoot region, giving you confidence in your movements and allowing you to perform at your best on the court.

The Babolat Movea padel shoe combines durability, stability, and comfort to meet the demands of padel players who require high-performance footwear. With its innovative features and supportive design, the Movea shoe enables you to move with agility and confidence, helping you excel in your padel game.

A shoe created exclusively for Padel that will help you give it your all on the court. 


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