Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket

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To become an Air Striker on the padel court, explosive power and extreme maneuverability are essential. The Babolat Air Viper is specifically designed to help you seize every opportunity to reach the net and utilize your speed to generate power.

This improved version of the Air Viper offers enhanced comfort while maintaining the same feeling of power and lightness. It empowers you to be a dynamic player who can outwit opponents with speed and agility.

The Babolat Air Viper is ideal for players who thrive on a fast-paced, attacking style of play. It caters to those who excel at getting to the net quickly and rely on their speed to gain an advantage. With its improved handling, this racquet is perfect for aerial shots and enables you to execute precise and powerful shots effortlessly. It serves as a natural extension of your arm, allowing you to play with ease and relaxation. The Babolat Air Viper has already established itself as a reliable and trusted choice.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Head Shape: Hybrid (between the diamond shape and the round shape)
  • Composition: FRAME: Carbon, SURFACE: Carbon, CORE: Multi-EVA.
  • Weight: 355 g +/- 10g
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Balance Type: Even Balance
  • Recommended Grip: Syntec Team
  • Type of Cover: No Cover


  • SMART BUTTCAP: This versatile system enables players to customize the strap size or remove the wrist strap completely according to their preference.

  • VIBRABSORB SYSTEM²: Powered by SMAC technology, this system integrates elastomers into the carbon fibers of the core and handle, providing optimal shock absorption for improved comfort during play.

  • 3D SPIN+: The raised patterns on the racquet surface, combined with a rough finishing, enhance spin potential and increase control over the ball.

With the Babolat Air Viper, you can unleash your full potential as an Air Striker, harnessing your speed and agility to dominate the game. Its combination of power, comfort, and specialized features will elevate your performance on the padel court.

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