Apus Sports Round Rubber Dumbbells (PU) - 17.5 kg Pair

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The Apus Sports Round Rubber Dumbbells are a versatile and reliable option for strength training and isolation exercises. These dumbbells are designed with user comfort and durability in mind, offering excellent ease of use and a modern design.


  1. Ergonomic Design: The dumbbells are constructed with an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip during workouts. The large knurled area provides a secure and non-slip grip, allowing you to perform exercises with confidence and stability.

  2. Polyurethane Construction: The dumbbells are made with a polyurethane (PU) coating, which contributes to their long service life and high quality. The PU coating provides protection to the underlying solid steel head, making them resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the PU material is odorless, ensuring a pleasant workout experience.

  3. Precision Drilled Solid Steel Head: The dumbbells feature a precision-drilled solid steel head, which adds to their durability and robustness. The solid steel construction ensures that the weight remains intact even during heavy and repetitive use in commercial settings.

  4. Non-Rotating Design: These dumbbells have been engineered to prevent rotation or loosening of the parts. This ensures that the weight plates stay securely in place, allowing for a safer and more efficient workout.

  5. Rubber Encased Head: The dumbbells have a rubber encased head, which not only protects the floor and other equipment from damage but also reduces noise when the dumbbells are placed down. The rubber casing provides a durable and resilient surface that can withstand regular use.

  6. Versatile Weight Options: The Apus Sports Round Rubber Dumbbells are available in various weight increments, starting from 2.5kg and going up to 30kg. This wide range of weight options makes them suitable for both beginners and experienced weightlifters, accommodating a variety of strength and fitness levels.

Whether you are training at home, in a professional fitness room, or in a gym, the Apus Sports Round Rubber Dumbbells offer a reliable and effective solution for strength and isolation training. With their solid construction, comfortable grip, and durable materials, these dumbbells are designed to support your fitness journey and help you achieve your strength and muscle-building goals.

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