Apus Sports Peanut Gym Ball - 50 cm

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The Apus Sports Peanut Gym Ball is a versatile and effective piece of equipment designed for various types of exercise and training. Made of anti-burst, foamed PVC, these balls are resistant to deformation and provide a stable position during exercise with their profiled, non-slip surface.


  1. Anti-Burst Foamed PVC Construction: The Peanut Gym Ball is constructed with high-quality, anti-burst foamed PVC material. This ensures durability and safety during your workouts, as the ball is designed to withstand pressure and resist bursting.

  2. Stable and Non-Slip Surface: The profiled surface of the ball offers excellent grip and stability, allowing you to maintain a secure position during exercises. This reduces the risk of slipping or sliding, providing a safe workout experience.

  3. Versatile Functional Training Equipment: The Peanut Gym Ball is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of exercises. It is particularly effective for core strengthening, posture improvement, balance training, and enhancing flexibility. With this ball, you can add challenge to your workouts and target multiple muscle groups.

  4. Burst Resistant and Improved Grip: The Resist Gym Ball is designed to be burst resistant, ensuring your safety during intense exercises. Additionally, the raised ribs on the ball's surface provide an improved grip, enhancing stability and control during your workouts.

  5. Recessed Inflation Point: The Peanut Gym Ball features a recessed inflation point, making it easy to inflate and deflate the ball as needed. This allows for convenient storage and transportation.

Incorporating the Peanut Gym Ball into your fitness routine will help you improve your posture, strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and increase your flexibility. It's a valuable addition to any home gym or workout space.

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