Ab Coaster Battle Rope

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Experience the best of two worlds with the Ab Coaster Battle Rope System! This unique fitness system combines Body Weight Strength Training and Battle Rope exercises into one thrilling and effective workout. With the ability to perform Standing Oscillations, Chest Fly, Knee Ins, Slams, Hi Rows, and more, your fitness routine will never be the same. The BRST handles, weighing 6 lbs. each, have allowed us to reduce the rope length by HALF. You only need 10 feet from the attachment point, making it incredibly space-efficient. This is the same exceptional rope included in the BRST SYSTEM, minus the mounting brackets. For a comprehensive upper and lower body training system, consider upgrading to the BattleRope ST® System.

Key Features:

  • Unique system combining Body Weight Strength Training and Battle Rope exercises.
  • Perform a variety of engaging and effective workouts.
  • 6 lb. handles for added resistance.
  • The 10-foot rope is space-efficient, requiring minimal room.
  • Constructed with a 1.25-inch static nylon braided rope for durability.
  • Provides a complete strength and cardio workout.

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