1441 Fitness Vertical Dumbbells Rack

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The 1441 Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Rack is a versatile and user-friendly storage solution for various types of dumbbells. Whether you have plated dumbbells, fixed dumbbells, rubberized dumbbells, lacquered dumbbells, diving dumbbells, or other specifications, this rack can accommodate them all.


  • Wide Range of Compatibility: The dumbbell rack is designed to hold different types of dumbbells, making it suitable for a variety of workout settings. It provides a convenient storage solution for adults, children, fitness enthusiasts, and seniors who exercise at home or in a dedicated workout area.
  • Adjustable Height and Width: The rack is easy to assemble and offers adjustable height and width. This feature allows for customization according to the user's preferences and accommodates individuals of different sizes and ages. It ensures that the dumbbells are stored in a secure and accessible manner.
  • ABS Plastic Card Slot: The rack includes ABS plastic card slots that prevent direct contact between the barbell handle and the steel frame. This protective feature not only helps maintain the longevity of the dumbbells but also facilitates easy placement and removal of the dumbbells.
  • Non-Slip Foot Pad: The rack is equipped with non-slip foot pads that prevent damage to the floor and increase overall safety. The foot pads provide stability and ensure that the rack remains securely in place during use.
The 1441 Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Rack offers a convenient and organized storage solution for a wide range of dumbbells. Its adjustable design, ABS plastic card slots, and non-slip foot pads contribute to a user-friendly and safe workout environment. With this rack, you can keep your dumbbells easily accessible and maintain a tidy exercise space.

        Specification :

        Product Dimensions : 125 x 55 x 55 Cm (L x W x H)

        *Dumbbells not included*


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