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Rotating Push Up Bar

Rotating Push Up Bar

Rotating Push Up Bar

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The Perfect Pushup's unique rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally during pushups the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumbbell. This unique rotational feature accelerates results by engaging more muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders and back.

The Perfect Pushup reduces strain on wrists and elbows while helping stabalize and strengthen the shoulder joint and ratator cuff muscles.

  • Unique Rotating Handles
  • Engges Core Muscles
  • Reduces Joint Strain
  • Maximizes Results

Get Ripped! Instructional poster allows you to customize workouts to your fitness level.

Basic (Beginner) , Modified (Intermediate) and Advanced level exercises


  • 2 Perfect Pushup Rotating Units
  • 6 Workouts Customized to Your Fitness Level
  • 21 Day workout planner