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Wilson Blade 98UL 16x19 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98UL 16x19 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98UL 16x19 Tennis Racquet

Wilson SKU: WN-WRT73371U2


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*This Racquet is Unstrung - Strings and stringing charged separately

The lightest racquet of the Blade range is a true precision tool ! Easy to handle, this racquet will follow young players during their improvement. 

The black and green design of the Blade is still here, with matter and shining materials for a modern and dynamic look. 

Advantages for the player : Maneuvrability - Spin - Precision

Very easy to handle, thanks to its 265g, this light Blade ultra will meet young player's expectations. It will be easier to improve, thanks to the small 632cm² sieve and the 32.5cm balance, for better energy transfer. 

This 16x19 string pattern will bring a nice ball grip for better spins. The Parallel Drilling technology will make it easy to spin the ball with more power thanks to an ideal sweetspot. 

The precision of this Blade 98UL is unforgivable, thanks to the 32cm² sieve for you to keep the ball within the court even on full-power shots. 

The braided basalt and graphite fibers will reduce the arm vibrations to reduce muscular fatigue and optimize performances on the long run.

Technical characteristics :
Technology Parallel Drilling
Composition graphite et basalt
Head Size  632 cm² / 97.96 in²
Weight unstrung 265 g / 9.3 oz
Length 68.5 cm / 26.97 in
Balance unstrung 33.5 cm / 13.19 in
Beam Width 20.6 flat beam mm
String Pattern 16x19
Grip Wilson Sublime