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Hexagonal Speed/ Agility Rings (Pair)

Hexagonal Speed/ Agility Rings (Pair)

Hexagonal Speed/ Agility Rings (Pair)

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Burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time while toning the body from head to toe. Hexagonal Agility Rings are a great tool for practicing footwork, balance, strength and flexibility. These drills require your muscles to generate force rapidly to accelerate and decelerate your body.

  • PLYOMETRIC TRAINING: Tuck jumps, squat jumps, burpees, moving push-ups etc. Plyometric training also known as jump training provides a high intensity workout that strengthens your muscles. Plyometrics can improve strength and tone both your upper and lower body. With these explosive compound movements the Hexagon Speed Rings will help you reach your optimal fitness level.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: The Agility Rings high-intensity exertion gives you the fat-burning boost of interval training. Cardio training can become stagnant and your body will become efficient leading your progress to flatline. The speed rings offer you a variety of limitless workouts routines that will make it difficult for the body to adjust to the exercise regimen. Your body will become less efficient and will burn more calories.
  • EASY SET UP AND TRANSPORT: Rings clip together and can easily be stretched out as a ladder or cleared away quickly and conveniently. 
  • DESIGN: Rings are fluorescent orange and can be seen easily on a green field or pitch. High density plastic is resistant to bending and breakages. Includes individual rings with clips so that you can set up, adjust and pull apart easily in a variety of shapes for your preferences to improve movements. These training hexagons can be used as regular rings, attached together to create hurdles, or arranged to form a hexagon ladder.