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Wooden Plyo Box

Wooden Plyo Box

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A plyometric box has many uses and there uses are as varied as the sport and the athletes who might have a need for them.

Everyone should use boxes to exploit the latent potential of stored elastic energy which is available in all dynamic movements. More specifically, in sports such as track & field, volleyball and basketball, athletes might use a plyometric box to pressure test technical elements of their event before taking it to the competition arena.

Other sports such as American football and rugby would use plyo boxes for the type of exercises explained above but, might specifically employ exercise where they would “jump onto” as oppose to “off and on” the plyometric box. In this case they are hoping to promote explosive concentric strength.

Wooden Plyometric Box

Plyo Box - 20 x 24 x 30 (inch)​

Plyometric boxes can be used to:

  • Develop dynamic and reactive strength
  • Develop the techniques for the Long, Triple and High jump

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