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Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair

Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair

Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair

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This core abdominal workout machine is the perfect mix of efficiency, strength and flexibility training.Compatible with a variety of different exercises and to target multiple muscle groups, this device is comfortable to sit on to continue with your workout. Designed to specifically work on core strength, this allows for a full range of motion when putting your body at an incline. Constructed with a sturdy metal frame, soft and supportive cushions for your body placement, and a compact design, this is the perfect option for building up your home gym. 


  • Reinforced steel frame for complete core workouts 
  • Soft yet firm cushions give optimal support 
  • Can be used for multiple exercises to work lower back, abs, obliques and Hamstrings 
  • Comfortable pads legs lock in for full range of motion
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Non-slip footrest
  • Heavy-duty steel construction