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Peanut Massage Ball - Extra Firm

Peanut Massage Ball - Extra Firm

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Unique peanut shape ball are used to relieve tension in muscles by stimulating blood flow and the nervous system. 2 lacrosse balls reduce repetitive strain issues and aid in releasing deep muscle tissues. Great for ITB, TFL, DHR, Etc. It is an excellent means of reducing tension, relieving ache and improving circulation. Massage Roller offers a simple and pleasant method of self massage that can be done anytime – at work or home. 

  • Made of high quality silicone that will not break, is non-allergenic and has no smell or seams.
  • Massage ball provide greater support than other balls, while rubbing out tension from the top of the neck down to the sacrum, from the base of the spine to the toes.
  • Easy to use - Great for rolling, rehab, physical therapy, self massage, pilates, and interval training recovery.
  • The extra-firm peanut ball muscle roller is perfect for rolling along the spine, hip-bone or anywhere you'd like a larger area of massage than a single lacrosse massage ball would cover.
  • Easily integrates into any yoga, pilates, cycling, running, weightlifting, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and sport's medicine exercise routine.
  • Available in assorted colours