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Crossfit Equalizer - Yellow

Crossfit Equalizer - Yellow

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The crossfit Equalizers help you to have a full workout at your convinience anywhere. They are a great for any home gym or bodyweight  training kit.

This piece of equipment is inspired by gymnasts, lets you do multiple of exercises.

For Beginners:
support holds

  • leg tucks
  • dips
  • push-ups
  • pull-ups

For advanced:

  • planche
  • bar handstands
  • levers


Constructed from heavy duty materials  to guarantee performance and quality of build

Sold in pairs.

Each parallette handle is 62.5cm long, 39.5cm wide, and 75.5cm high and 1.5 mm diameter

Each of the legs covers a wide surface area for increased stability and centre of gravity along with added rubber non slip pads to ensure they remain in place on all surfaces

Great for beginners and for those with more experience looking to take their capabilities to the next level