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Venum Street Fight MMA Short - Red

Venum Street Fight MMA Short - Red

Venum SKU: V-8522


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Venum introduce a spectacular shaped pair of shorts with an attractive Black and dark Crimson Red colour scheme.

These superior quality shorts arrive with a combination of hip graphics in its design. Across the left leg a large script of the words "Street Fighter" is written in a Silver/White highlighted colour. The flowing graffiti style of the text draws attention and creates a fitting street-style graphic. Behind the graffiti styled text, Crimson Red flares pattern over the black background colour, swirling with a shadow effect adding even further style to the shorts.

On the opposite right leg then notorious Venum Snake-head symbol is illustrated, in a white and black lined colour. Crimson red flares also spiral subtlety in the background bringing the symbol out to the forefront. Towards the bottom of the legs the material trims into a dark red layer, complimenting the crimson red colour used in the main body of the item.

The functionality of these shorts matches the quality of its design. Renowned for producing the toughest fight-wear in the industry, these Venum shorts are made from the finest micro-fibers which withstands the most extremes of stress, ensuring the longest durability. Double lined stitching in the panels re-inforce the shorts further. Velcro enclosure at the crotch makes for a firm and comfortable fit as they pull up to fit against your waist, meaning you do not have to worry about them coming loose, no matter how vigorously you may be moving. Split seams cut at the bottoms of the shorts, free your legs for maximum movement and more versatility.

Dark and attractive colour scheme with a sharp, street inspired design. The Venum Street-fight shorts are great to train or swim in alike.