Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Men's Shoes - Navy Blue

Yonexرمز التخزين التعريفي:SHBELZ3MEX-37

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Size: 37
سعر البيع45.000 KD


Experience unparalleled performance with these advanced sports shoes, designed for optimal comfort and stability. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, they provide superior shock absorption, breathability, and support, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.


  • Power Cushion:

    • Shock Absorption
    • Reverses Impact Energy for Smooth Transfer
    • Provides 3 Times More Shock Absorbing Power Compared to Urethane
  • Power Cushion +:

    • Absorbs and Rebounds Impact
    • Can Drop a Raw Egg from 12 Meters Without Breaking
  • Double Raschel Mesh:

    • Ultra Lightweight and Durable
    • Eight Times More Air-Exchange for Moisture Release
  • Lateral Shell + Stability Reinforcement:

    • Reduces Lateral Shake in Sidestep Footwork
    • Stabilizes Movement with Abrasion Resistant Artificial Leather
  • Power Graphite Sheet:

    • Increases Stability
    • Reduces Weight Within the Shoe
  • Feather Bounce Foam:

    • Provides Added Bounce with Each Step
    • Lightweight Cushioning Material
  • Durable Skin Light:

    • Combines Flexibility and Stiffness
    • Ensures Secure and Snug Fit
  • Inner Bootie:

    • Improves Comfort and Fit
    • Integrated into Shoe Connecting to Tongue
  • Toe Assist Shape:

    • Reduces Pressure on Big Toe
    • Offers Improved Support for Mid-Foot and Heel
  • Round Sole:

    • Ensures Smooth Movements and Energy Transfer
    • Provides All-Around Support for Quick Footwork
  • Radial Blade Sole:

    • Increases Traction in All Directions
    • Designed for Confident Directional Change
  • Semi One-Piece Sole:

    • Combines Toe and Heel Rubber Soles for Stability
    • Provides More Traction Through Additional Surface Area


  • Upper: Synthetic Fiber
  • Midsole: Synthetic Resin
  • Outsole: Rubber Sole
  • Material: Power Cushion+, Power Cushion, Double Raschel Mesh, Durable Skin Light, Power Graphite Sheet, Feather Bounce Foam

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