Yonex Power Cushion 65 X Men's Shoes

Yonexرمز التخزين التعريفي:SHB65X3EX-41

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Size: 41
سعر البيع45.000 KD


Short Description:

The new POWER CUSHION 65 Z3 badminton shoes are crafted to provide a “shoeless feel,” offering enhanced comfort and traction. This all-around model ensures smooth gliding across the court with its innovative design and advanced technology.


  • Upgraded Comfortable Fit:

    • Seamless Upper:
      • Expanded synthetic leather minimizes material overlap.
      • Reduces stress when flexed, ensuring a comfortable fit.
    • Lateral Shell:
      • Hardened shell-like portion near the ankle.
      • Provides a secure fit around the ankle.
  • Increased Traction:

      • Sole pattern reminiscent of a ninja star.
      • Provides ultimate grip for sudden vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movements.
  • Power Cushion:

    • Absorbs shock and reverses impact energy for smooth movement transfer.
    • Provides 3 times more shock absorbing power compared to urethane.
    • An egg dropped from 7 meters above a Power Cushion sheet bounces back 4 meters without damage.


  • Upper: Synthetic Fiber
  • Midsole: Synthetic Resin
  • Outsole: Rubber Sole
  • Material: Power Cushion+, Power Cushion, Double Raschel Mesh, Durable Skin Light, Power Graphite Sheet, Feather Bounce Foam
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Outer Material: Mesh
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up

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