Xiaomi Watch 2 - Silver Grey

Xiaomiرمز التخزين التعريفي:BHR8034GL

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Xiaomi Watch 2 supports up to 150 fitness modes and features an optimized professional algorithm model to provide you with more accurate fitness information. Go for a jog in the terrain and nature with confidence using Xiaomi Watch 2's five-satellite independent GNSS positioning, which easily copes with complex environments with faster positioning and accurate tracking. In addition to fitness tracking, Xiaomi Watch 2 is a great option for everyday health monitoring. Xiaomi Watch 2 also allows you to track sleep quality and distinguish sleep stages, as well as monitor other multidimensional data such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and breathing quality.


  • Powered with Wear OS by Google: Wear OS by Google allows you to stay up-to-date while staying in the moment. Get your favorite Google apps on your Xiaomi Watch 2. Navigate with Google Maps, pay on the go with Google Pay, get answers with Google Assistant, and more. Google Play allows you to access apps and watch faces anytime, anywhere — all from your Xiaomi watch.

  • 4nm flagship processor: The dual architecture of large and small cores provides high performance and low power consumption autonomous switching, which brings long battery life, large storage, and a smoother flagship experience.

  • 2G + 32G Extra-large storage: With LPDDR4X and eMMC memory, Xiaomi Watch 2 offers impressive storage performance and space comparable to a smartphone. Download as many watch faces and third-party apps as you like, not to mention all your favorite songs to give your workouts a boost.

  • Up to 65-hour battery life: With its 495mAh high-capacity battery and Qualcomm's hybrid architecture, Xiaomi Watch 2 gives you power that lasts.

  • 160+ sports modes: Supports more than 160 sports modes with an optimized professional algorithm model that provides you with more accurate workout data, so your workouts can be more scientific and productive.

  • Professional skiing mode: With the new professional skiing mode, you can capture and record the distance and average speed for each glide.

  • Bluetooth® phone call: Redmi Watch 4 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to view and reject calls on your watch, and engage in conversations with the built-in microphone and speaker without the need to take out your smartphone.

  • Greater monitoring accuracy: The PPG sensor configuration* has been upgraded to include 4-channel to help increase health monitoring accuracy.

  • Smart sleep monitoring: With the help of scientific, meticulous sleep monitoring technologies, the watch records your real-time sleep condition at different stages, such as deep sleep, light sleep and REM, improving your sleeping habits and quality.

  • All-round health monitoring: Blood oxygen saturation monitoring,

    Heart rate monitoring, Stress monitoring.

  • 150+ sports modes: It caters to a wide array of professional sports modes, including outdoor and indoor running, walking, cycling, and more. Before your exercise, you can warm up* following the motion pictures of a professional coach and get the right posture to reduce sports injuries.

  • 5-system L1+L5 GNSS: Integrated with Google Maps, Xiaomi Watch 2 excels in navigating complex environments like high-rise buildings and jungles, providing clear movement distance, pace, and route information.

  • 5ATM water resistance: Don't be afraid to get wet. Wear it during runs in the rain or while swimming for more accurate exercise data.

  • Newly upgraded 12-channel PPG monitoring Xiaomi Watch 2 features12-channel PPG monitoring to keep track of your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and stress levels faster and with more precision. It also offers stronger anti-interference capabilities to identify your sleep patterns with improved accuracy.

  • Stay safe with emergency assistance: Call for help in an emergency: In the event of sudden physical discomfort, threats to personal safety, or other unpredictable situations, press the lower button 3 times in a row to instantly dial an emergency contact.

    Call for help following an accidental fall*: In the event of an accidental fall, Xiaomi Watch 2 can automatically call your emergency contacts and sends your location via SMS.

  • Health data at your fingertips: With Xiaomi's independently developed algorithm and Mi Fitness app, Xiaomi Watch 2 can monitor your health with greater accuracy. It also supports a wide range of workout apps favored by users around the world, including Strava and Suunto.

  • Camera remote: Supports remote photo-taking, video-shooting and previews*. There's no need to ask others for help—you can even take time-lapses with timer for 3s and 5s.

  • Answer calls from your wrist:  Synchronize your phone's notifications via Bluetooth®. Easily answer calls on your watch using the built-in microphone and speaker.


  • Screen Display Size: 1.43" AMOLED Display
  • Water-resistant level: 5ATM water resistance
  • Resolution: 466×466 pixels

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