ShakeSphere Tumbler View 700 ml - Matte Grey

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The ShakeSphere Tumbler View is a protein shaker that offers all the benefits of our original shaker, with the added feature of a see-through window. Here are the key features of the Tumbler View:

See-Through Window: The Tumbler View is equipped with a see-through window that displays measurement markings in both milliliters and fluid ounces. This allows for precise mixing of your supplements and liquids, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

Efficient Mixing: The round, no-corners design of the Tumbler View eliminates the need for mixing accessories. The unique design uses centrifugal force to break down powder supplements quickly, requiring only five seconds of shaking. This efficient mixing method saves you time and ensures a smooth and consistent blend.

Soft Fruit Blending: In addition to powder supplements, the Tumbler View can also be used to blend soft fruit. This feature allows you to create nutritious post-workout shakes with added fruit for a boost of flavor and vitamins.

No Waste: The no-corners design of the Tumbler View ensures that no powder supplement is left behind in the bottle. This means you won't waste any of your valuable supplements, saving you both time and money.

Patented Capsule Design: The Tumbler View features a patented capsule design that is unique to ShakeSphere. This design is molded using high-quality plastic that is free from BPA, ensuring safe and reliable use.

Leak-Proof Slide Cap: The sturdy slide cap of the Tumbler View ensures that the bottle will never leak, providing peace of mind and allowing you to take your shake wherever you go.

Recyclable and Durable Construction: The Tumbler View is constructed using specialist plastics and silicone that are designed to be both recyclable and durable. This eco-friendly design ensures long-lasting use and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Easy to Clean: While the Tumbler View is not dishwasher-safe, it can be quickly and easily hand washed in just seconds with a little bit of water, making it convenient and hassle-free to maintain its cleanliness.

Upgrade your protein shaker experience with the ShakeSphere Tumbler View, featuring a see-through window, efficient mixing, no waste, and a leak-proof design. With its durable construction and easy-to-clean design, it is the perfect companion for your protein shakes and other liquid supplements.

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