ShakeSphere Tumbler Original 700 ml - Frosted Black / Black Logo

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The ShakeSphere Tumbler Original is a revolutionary protein shaker bottle that has transformed the health and fitness industry with its innovative design. Here are the key features that make the Tumbler Original stand out:

Patented Capsule Design: The Tumbler Original features a patented capsule design, eliminating the need for traditional mixing accessories like wire balls or mesh grids. The unique shape of the capsule utilizes centrifugal force to break down powder supplements quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth and well-mixed shake.

Efficient Powder Breakdown: With just five seconds of shaking, the Tumbler Original effectively breaks down powder supplements, eliminating any clumps or residue. This allows you to enjoy a consistently blended and delicious shake every time.

No Wasted Shakes: The Tumbler Original's design ensures that there are no corners or hard-to-reach areas where undissolved powder can accumulate. This means there are no wasted shakes and no more frustrating residue left behind, saving you both time and money.

Odor Prevention: The absence of corners in the Tumbler Original prevents the build-up of foul smells, ensuring that your shaker bottle stays fresh and clean.

High-Quality Materials: Made with high-quality, BPA-free plastic, the Tumbler Original prioritizes your safety and durability. The sturdy slide cap ensures a leak-proof seal, allowing you to carry your shake with confidence.

Recyclable and Durable: The materials used in the Tumbler Original's construction are both recyclable and durable, making it an environmentally friendly choice that will last through your toughest workouts.

Matte Finish with Measurement Levels: The Tumbler Original features a sleek matte finish with measurement levels on the outside, allowing for easy and accurate measuring of your liquids.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning the Tumbler Original is a breeze. Simply hand wash it with water, and you're ready for your next shake. Please note that the Tumbler Original is not dishwasher-safe.

Upgrade your protein shake experience with the ShakeSphere Tumbler Original, the ultimate protein shaker bottle that provides efficient mixing, eliminates waste, and ensures a smooth and well-blended shake every time.

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