ShakeSphere Mixer Jug 1.3 L - Black

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The ShakeSphere Mixer Jug is a functional and stylish solution for mixing your supplements with ease during your workout routine. Here are the key features of this shaker mixer jug:

1.3 Litre Capacity: The ShakeSphere Mixer Jug has a generous 1.3-litre capacity, allowing you to mix a large quantity of your supplements or liquid. This size is perfect for holding over one-third of your recommended daily allowance, ensuring you stay hydrated during your workout.

Double Wall Design: The shaker mixer jug features a double-wall design with a separate inner wall. This design maximizes mixology, ensuring that your supplements are thoroughly blended for a smooth and consistent drink.

Efficient Mixing: The peanut-shaped structure of the ShakeSphere Mixer Jug is specifically designed for efficient mixing. This unique shape allows for optimal blending of your supplements, eliminating the need for additional mixing accessories.

Leak-Proof Seal: The steel slide cap provides a secure and leak-proof seal, preventing any accidental spills or leaks while you're on the move. You can have zThe ShakeSphere Mixer Jug is equipped with a silicone base and gripper handle, ensuring maximum stability and grip during use. This feature allows for a secure and comfortable hold, even during intense workout sessions.

Easy Measuring: The central viewing MLS and FlOz window on the jug provides easy measuring, allowing you to accurately portion your supplements and liquids.

Upgrade your workout routine with the ShakeSphere Shaker Mixer Jug. Its functional features, including its large capacity, efficient mixing design, leak-proof seal, and comfortable grip, make it a convenient and reliable tool for preparing your supplements.

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