ShakeSphere Cooler Shaker 700 ml - Ombre Pink

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The ShakeSphere Cooler Shaker is a protein shaker bottle that incorporates food-safe gel capsules to keep your drinks colder for a longer period of time. Here are the key features of the Cooler Shaker:

  • Cooled Air Locking System: The Cooler Shaker utilizes food-safe gel capsules to trap cooled air inside the bottle, helping to keep your drinks colder for an extended duration. This innovative feature ensures that you can enjoy refreshing, chilled beverages even during intense workouts.

  • Efficient Mixing: The round, no-corners design of the Cooler Shaker eliminates the need for additional mixing accessories such as wire balls or mesh grids. The unique shape generates centrifugal force, which effectively breaks down powder supplements without any clumping or residue.

  • Soft Fruit Pureeing: In addition to mixing powder supplements, the Cooler Shaker can also be used to puree soft fruit in just 5 seconds of shaking. This feature allows you to add natural flavors and nutrients to your post-workout shakes, enhancing their taste and nutritional value.

  • No Wasted Shakes: The absence of corners in the Cooler Shaker ensures that there is no wasted shake or undissolved powder residue left in the bottle. This makes it easy to clean and cost-efficient, as you won't be wasting any of your valuable supplements.

  • Patented Capsule Shape: The Cooler Shaker features a patented capsule shape that is designed to maximize performance and functionality. The BPA-free plastic construction ensures safety and durability, while the sturdy slide cap prevents any leakage during transport.

  • Easy to Clean: Although the Cooler Shaker is not dishwasher-safe, it can be easily hand-washed with a small amount of water. This makes it convenient to maintain its cleanliness and ensures that you can continue to enjoy your chilled beverages without any hassle.

Upgrade your protein shake experience with the ShakeSphere Cooler Shaker, which keeps your drinks colder for longer with its unique cooled air locking system. With its efficient mixing capabilities, ability to puree soft fruit, and easy-to-clean design, the Cooler Shaker is a reliable and versatile companion for your workout and recovery routine.

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