Rep GHD - Glute Ham Developer

Pro Sportsرمز التخزين التعريفي:GHD

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سعر البيع180.000 KD


  • BUILD FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH: Safely develop your hip flexors and posterior chain muscles. Building stronger glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles will benefit your Olympic lifts, increase your squat and deadlift numbers, and generally improve midline stability in your core.
  • ADVANCED FEATURES: Our machine is built tough and includes advanced features footplate with both vertical and ultra-smooth, linear-bearing horizontal adjustments, band pegs on the front of unit, and a step-up footplate
  • EASY TO USE: The footpad is easy to adjust horizontally with just one hand using our advanced linear-bearing system. You can move the footpad up and down and lock it into place with the screw-tightener for added stability.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY: The unit is made beefy from heavy gauge, powder-coated steel. The base is long and stable and will safely allow tall athletes to perform any exercise. Thick High density foam padding with durable vinyl covering and steel endcaps on the foot pads finish off the unit. The GHD measures 
  • DIMENSIONS : L 175 cm x W 82 cm x H 120 cm
  • WEIGHT: 64 KG

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