Black Rubber Olympic Plates Pair - 15 kg Pair

Pro Sportsرمز التخزين التعريفي:EA2005-15

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RUBBER OLYMPIC PLATES (15 KG) PAIR are specially designed to enhance weightlifting and facilitate the loading of weights onto bars. The rubber coating not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also offers protection against rust, ensuring durability. Here are the key features:

  • Ideal for strength training: These plates are perfect for individuals looking to build strength and increase muscle mass.
  • Odorless rubber: The plates are made from high-quality rubber that is odorless, providing a pleasant workout experience.
  • Suitable for gyms and home use: Whether you own a gym or prefer to exercise at home, these plates are versatile and cater to both environments.
  • Protective rubber coating: The rubber coating safeguards the discs themselves, preventing damage and extending their lifespan. Additionally, it protects the floors from scratches or dents.
  • Noise reduction: The rubber coating helps minimize noise when the plates are dropped or placed on the floor, making for a quieter workout environment.
  • Ease of loading:   The steel ring provides stability and facilitates a smooth and effortless process when adding or removing the plates from the barbell.

Overall, Rubber Olympic Plates 15 KG Pair offer a combination of functionality, protection, and convenience, making them a great choice for weightlifting enthusiasts of all levels.

*Please note: These discs are 'Olympic' sized to fit 'Olympic' bars which are 2" in diameter.

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